I love God with all my heart and soul, and I love you too. It is only the Lord’s strength that I have been able to move through the events of my life: from parental divorce, suicide, estrangement. God helped me let go of anger, feelings of abandonment, resentment, pain, guilt and to embrace and ask for forgiveness.

It is through forgiveness and obedience to God’s word,  that I began to feel the fullness of God’s presence in my life. Life is not perfect, but God’s love for us is perfect and He can help you work through your pain too.

I pray daily for God to pull me close and to use me for his greater good and purpose.  I pray for wisdom, discernment and understanding of God’s word. I’m constantly searching for God’s truth, not the worlds.

I live to draw closer to the Father in Heaven and to share Elohim & Yeshua with others.

One past pain was my 11 year estrangement with my Dad. I’m so thankful to God that I trusted Him, I put aside fear and I let Dad back into my life. Once we forgave each other, we never looked back only forward. It was the the first time I understood true FORGIVENESS, the kind God offered us through his son Yeshua gift.  Dad and I had 5 years in a renewed relationship before he passed away.  Remember, Forgive as you are forgiven. You’ll be glad you did.

We had 11 years of no relationship