Are you Covered? by Shea Brewer

I have this island in my front yard that has been a challenge to rid it of wild grasses and weeds. We put this black paper down and then put heavy mulch on top it. It looks far better than it did before but these little creeping weeds keep popping back up. So often I go out there and pull a few.

Sometimes when I pull the weed, I can’t get to the root. I just know that that ugly weed is going to pop up again and I’ll be out there having to clean up that mess again until I get that silly root. So one morning, I’m doing this, and I decided that I would put a rock smack dab on top of the root that broke off.  Thinking to myself, it won’t be able to come back up if it’s smothered out by this big rock!

In the silence of me doing that, my thoughts said, “Yes, I am your covering. I will stop the pain. I will heal the pain. My love is that special covering  that will heal all the broken parts of your life.”

We can’t purify or heal by ourselves, it’s impossible.  We need the help of THE Rock. He is our strength . He is our covering, our protection and our weapon against sin and strongholds. He empowers us through the Holy Spirit to change for the better, to over come our carnal state, to be filled with His Eternal light.

Past pain, trauma and brokenness  often inspires and births sin. The enemy will stop at nothing to keep those weeds in your life popping up, but he is powerless once you stamp him out with The Rock – Yahusha ( Jesus).  Sin is like weeds in the garden of life. It’s ugly. I chokes out life and beauty. It rears it’s ugly head over and over until we surrender every aspect of our being to Jesus.

Weeds in general are easier when you stay on top of them daily, sin is the same. Instead of having 20 million to pull, you only have a few sporadic ones. Raw Emotion, pains and sin is the same way. It’s imperative that we pray for help everyday to keep ourselves in check.    If you let your Spiritual state of mind get out of hand, it’s a lot harder work to get things cleaned up. Sometimes takes a lot more time, effort, sweat and pain. Then, you can get easily discouraged which is an invitation for an enemy attack. One day at a time is the way to go, setting daily goals of peace and happiness for yourself.

We need to live moment by moment in His loving presence inspired by His life and teachings. We must never forget to pray for self control. It’s an important fruit of the spirit we forget about. Self- control is so important because it stops us from yelling, from irrational decisions,  from saying something we regret and from demonic inspired addictive behaviors. With the Holy Spirits help in the area of self control, we can over come so much of the enemies influence. The enemy often uses raw emotion to tear us down, it’s vital that every emotion be cleansed.

Plug in daily to get Covered.  Start your day with scripture, prayer and repentance. If you’ve felt down or lonely, incorporate uplifting praise music and harp music for anxiety. There is such power in healing music.

 Yahusha should be your close and personal friend someone who inspires you, someone you would never want to disappoint. An authentic friendship with Him brings obedience which transforms our spirits bringing true inner peace and happiness. 

This battle is not your own. He’s got you Covered, if you ask Him and if you are ready to fully submit.  Jesus loves you and wants you to be Happy in His Likeness.

  • Are you asking your Messiah to help you cleanse, help you heal?
  • Are you letting his strength and covering, take care of things out of your control?
  • Are you being deliberate in your daily time with your Messiah?
  • Are you sitting still and listening to his voice?

Father, I’m so thankful to have your love, protection and covering. When I am weak, you are strong. Remind me to lean on you and not to depend on my own strength or abilities. Help me to let go of all insecurities and pains that inspire sin and despair. I release all my brokenness to you. You are my Rock. My Salvation. Strengthen me so that I can resist temptation. Wipe all unclean thoughts and unclean living from me.  Holy Spirit let your will  be done in my life. Give me the power to resist the enemies influences over my mind, my body and my spirit. Cover me today, kill the ugly inside of me.  Help me to be loving, joyful, peaceful, patient, faithful, gentle and have self control. Remove all unfruitful personalities traits from me today. Thank you for hearing my prayers. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for dying for my sins. I praise and worship you. In your Precious Son’s name, Yahusha. ( Jesus)

Want a Private Prayer Session? Let Jesus heal all your pain, wounds, addictions, sins. Let’s together through prayer shut all doors that are open or could be open to the enemy.  I hold private prayer sessions with individuals. Whether you are sad, have family troubles, feel spiritually attacked, lack control in any area of your life, have emotions that you feel are unhealthy; prayer will help tremendously. I want you to know that Jesus loves you and He will set you free. Prayer is a Powerful tool to activate healing in all areas of your life and in your persona.  Through the power of prayer, repentance and authentic humbling, you will be set Free. …. If you are interested, privately email me.

Small Group Party: Want to Host A Get Together with Friends?

I have a great exercise called Listening to the Spirit that you can do by yourself or with a partner. It’s a great little journal exercise that you do individually then read with a partner. When I did one for the first time, it was so revealing. It’s incredible what the Holy Spirit will reveals about you, your dreams, how he sees you, His perspective, your purpose…. If you would like to host a fun night of purpose, let me know.

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