Always At War, Never Let Defenses Down by Shea Brewer

We are at war, we cannot miss a beat praying over our families, homes, cars, friends, finances, health and ministry work. We must be deliberate with our prayers. I almost always pray out loud so the spiritual realm hears.   Also because I do not want the enemy to sidetrack me with strange thoughts during silent prayers. When I used to pray quietly, I would think  Thank you God…then next thought ” I need to go to the grocery store.”

 Everyday our spirits need what I call a Spiritual Car Wash, which is when we humble ourselves before our King, repenting of bad thoughts and bad actions. We all sin daily, even if it’s unintentional. We should thank the Father for his son and the grace he shows us.  Praying and repenting are powerful tools that help cancel out all legal rights to enemy has to mess with us.

 I’m reading a lost book of the bible right now about what happened after Adam & Eve sinned and were kicked out of paradise. There are a lot of books that were not included when the Nicene Council decided which books were to be in the bibles. So I’m reading as much as I can get hands on, while praying for wisdom and truth of course. But with each book I’ve read, I get new insight- even if I don’t believe all of it to be accurate.

The story is absolutely fascinating but what really has stuck with me is that Satan was relentless against Adam and Even, even after they were kicked out of the garden.   Adam and Eve had remorse, depression and even tried to end their lives on several occasions, if that wasn’t enough Satan kept manifesting himself in different ways to destroy them.   The enemy wanted nothing more than to destroy all of mankind- to blot all of us out of existence. 

In the story, it was their prayers, fasting and repentance that reached the heavens, which stopped Satan from succeeding at killing them.  Satan came in the form of angels of light, devouring animals, accidents and fire. Satan even manifested himself into a loving, kind old man. This is not the first lost book I’ve seen him come in the form of a human who seems harmless and kind with what seems to be innocent words. It’s a great reminder that in all things we must pray for direction, clarification and guidance- do nothing without seeking approval from your true KING.  Some things that appear good,  may actual be from the enemy to get us off course.

We too are like  dumb sheep, easily the master deceiver. Stay in close contact with your King of Kings will help tremendously. Practice listening to his small strong voice.

Even after Adam & Eve’s fall from the garden, the Father had such love and mercy for them. Their prayers and repentance were heard from Heaven and Abba had such compassion.  He never failed to send the angels to comfort and  save them over and over again.   If we pray to the Father with a pure heart with a repenting spirit, he too will  save us, comfort us and cleanse us. He can help us change too for the better.

On many occasions in the story Father ordered Satan and his demons to back off.  That is so comforting, especially when we are battling stuff in our own lives. He saved Adam and Eve many times, just as he has  in our lives, saved us. I can only imagine how many times he rescued me from darkness or distress, even when I had been terrible. I am forever grateful for his mercy. I am so thankful that I did not die before I received the truth. Even though, I declared my entire life to believe, my life. my emotions, my reactions to situations and people did not reflect or mirror the life of Jesus. 

Sometimes I am amazed that I am so much calmer, more patient and not angry anymore. The enemy had such power over my emotions. I just don’t react to situations anymore the way I used to…even my internal feelings and thoughts are different.  It is only through the power of the Holy Spirit that I have killed those ugly emotions and continue to kill the ugly in me!

Satan studies us. If one thing doesn’t work, he’ll try another way. He’s always looking for an open door or a legal right to come after us.  We have to be on our “A” game, never forgetting to pray, constantly cleaning up our mess ups with repentance and feeding our souls daily with His word.

Our light, our hope is Yahusha’s power. Jesus saves, protects and frees us from the enemies grips. The Holy Spirit is more Powerful than any of the enemies Schemes period.  There is POWER in the name of Yahusha ( Jesus) especially when a God fearing believer filled with the Holy Spirit uses that name. Yahusha protects his own and your prayers activate the angelic realm to build walls of protection around your life.

We must listen to Peter’s warning. Let it inspire you to increase your prayer life.

1 Peter 5: 8 Be Alert and sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.  

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18King James Version (KJV)

16 Rejoice evermore.

17 Pray without ceasing.

18 In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

Prayer Example:

Heavenly Father, we praise you for your love, grace, mercy and your son Yahusha ( Jesus). I come before you today and ask that you would forgive me for (impure thoughts and actions) Holy Spirit fill me with your power, refine me and redefine me in your son’s image. If there is anything in me that is unclean, reveal it to me and empower me to change. Father I ask right now that you would bless my children, protect my home, cars, all property and keep us in good health. If the enemy has any legal rights to attack, I ask that by the power of your Son’s life,  that you would stop the enemy. Thank you Father for sending the warrior angels to fight the unseen battle. Thank you for  for protecting us from darkness. Baptize me with your Light and Love so that I see all people and all situations through the eyes of Yahusha.  We love you. We worship you and we are so grateful for your love, mercy,blessings and protection. We pray blessings over your Kingdom and Ask that Your Will- will be done, On earth as it is in Heaven. In Yahusha’ ( Jesus) name. Amein ( Amen)

Prayer Session: If you would like a private prayer session, please email me. If you feel that there is something that you struggle with any unhealthy emotions like anger, fear or sadness, email me. I have seen amazing results from prayer sessions.

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Newness by Shea Brewer

Making A Come Back!








For a few weeks, I’ve noticed my basil plant didn’t seem to like where it was planted. The leaves were burned and limp.  Even Steve mentioned how sad Basil looked.

I knew Mr. Basil needed to be moved. I just kept putting it off partly out of pure laziness but mostly because I was just ignoring the problem. I was kind of waiting to see if the shock from going from inside to outside would pass, wishfully thinking he’ll spring back on his own.  

I finally made the decision that I needed to help a Basil friend out. So I decided to move him to a more suitable location with less light. After replanting,  I trimmed off the yellow dying  leaves.  Almost immediately, he already seemed happier and seemed to be coming back to life.

Just like the Basil plant needed something new, we too may need some newness in our lives:  new experience, a new environment, new support systems, new ministry projects,  new friends and the list goes on. 

Positive change often brings about fresh new outlooks on everything: our marriages, our kids, our work; frankly our lives. Suddenly we are energized, more vibrant and don’t feel burn out, depleted or beat down. It’s amazing when we mix things up how we can get a pep in our step, feel recharged.

Always pray before you make any change. You always want the Father’s blessing first.  But it’s not enough to day dream about that new activity, we must take action. We can’t keep doing the same things and expect different results. After praying, let the Holy Spirit inspire you to the new.

Replanting ourselves can bring forth excitement.  The Spirit of Sadness is one of the worst for choking out the Holy Spirit.  Living mundane or spiritually dead lives, kills the spirit. Newness especially in the area serving, brings on a spirit of joy and cheerfulness, which fosters gratitude and thanksgiving; all of which increases our connection and relationship to the Father.

Now, keep in mind anytime you make changes there could be adjustment that is needed. You know how sometimes plants go into shock at the new location for a bit. But with a little love and time, you’ll be on your way to feeling excited about the newness in your life. The happier we are, the more we can let our light shine to others and the more powerful we will be sharing the word.  Sad believers just don’t make the same impact on the world.

Today’s Health Tip:  Benefits of Basil
Scientific studies show the following: ( according to Dr. Axe’s website and other medical sites)

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antioxidant
  • cancer fighter
  • Pain reducer
  • Diabetes preventer
  • Liver protector
  • Blood Vessel protector
  • Anti-stress solution
  • Immune Booster

Scripture of Day: Isaiah 43:19 

“Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.”


  • Are you needing or wanting a change? Have you been thinking about starting something new?
  • Are you needing a transplant in any part of your life?
  • Have you been feeling sad, bored, tired- think of something new you could do.
  • What kind of new ways can you serve the poor, the widows, the fatherless or the broken in spirit?
  • Are there any environments that you’re in right now that seemed to be burning you out, depleting your energy?

Love it if you will share the newness that has helped you.

Farming a Dying Art By Shea Brewer

  Health Tip Today: Research  Health Benefits of Moringa: “The Miracle Tree”

This morning, I was plucking weeds out of my garden, watering the seeds  and my new baby plants.

With the birds chirping, the cool breeze on my face, barefoot and still in my PJ’s, I was quiet enough to hear Abba. Questions popped into my mind in the stillness of he morning as I bent over to pull weeds and to water:

Have you wondered why so much of my teachings pertain to seeds, trees, plants, roots and vines?

Do you see when you pull those weeds up you must be slow and precise or else the root will stay and appear again?

I sprayed off my dirty feet and hands, and  came inside to sit at my desk.  I was pulled to a tiny tablet just right of my laptop unable to open my computer; these words poured out of me without effort and without thought.  The words  filled up page after page on this tiny tablet, perhaps inspiration from the Holy Spirit for all of us.

Wrote quickly on my tablet:

If a seed is in darkness but not too far in, it will reach towards the light and break forth from darkness often. But it must be watered by both man and the creator and a healthy amount of light must be present to produce a plant.

If the seed is planted too deep into darkness, it will not gravitate towards the light but will die in darkness, rot, eaten by mold, fungus, decay, and predators like worms. The only way a seed that finds itself too deep into darkness will find light is with assistance. Man driven by the creator must help the seed be dug out. He must move the seed closer towards the light. We must water and analyze to make sure the seed has access to sufficient light.

We as believers, filled with the Holy Spirit, we must help these lost seeds out of darkness, using our hand to move them towards the surface. We must water them with the word, the truth of purity, love and prayer. We must help deliver them from the grips of darkness, counsel them and feed them often with nourishment of His word and Yahusha’s advice on how to live. We must fertilize  with the creators truth and love.

Once these seeds burst out from the surface of darkness, we must tend to those baby plants with care and not to neglect them as they are fragile. Often times this takes a team of gardeners, to help with the great task of maintaining the garden. Helping bring someone out of darkness, can be too much for one person. Gardening takes many hands to thrive.

Farming is a dying art. The farmer must be patient, nurturing, have wisdom, knowledge and work hard and long hours.

The Apostles were Farmers and we are to be too. They devoted time and attention to the harvest to prepare and save souls for the new Eden.  They were willing to sacrifice their time, talent, family, energy, and their very lives to save lost sheep from the enemies influence and grip. The Holy Spirit led them to the people that were ready.

We too are Yahusha’s disciples on earth, set apart to bring light into darkness to teach the spirit of repentance that brings forth a new life and real change. We are to help these people bring forth fruit. Without our help these seeds, will be stuck in the darkness of destruction. We must do something. We cannot have passive faith with out action.

We are called to tend to the garden, to pluck out choking weeds like past pains and trauma that kills the spirit. We must help people  get to the roots of their strongholds that keep them buried in sadness and anger, both which chokes out the Holy Spirit within us.

The set-apart ones do not have an easy task but the end result will be smiles, hugs, joy, happy tears in the new Kingdom when we gaze into the eyes full of light, embracing those you helped out of darkness and into Jesus’s arms. Words and emotions will be absent as nothing will describe the experience of  singing, praising, worshiping in thanksgiving with the creator, celebrating the joy of all those who were saved.

We are called to be Farmers to help in the harvest of lost souls, to bring people into a new life of love, hope, peace and righteousness.

My Advice:

We must start today. If you see someone hurting, help them out of the hole, invest in the kingdom. When the enemy throws up road blocks as the Holy Spirit moves through you: pray, bind up the enemies assignments, pray for warrior angels to assist. Remember, to pray blessings and peace over that person.

You through Yahusha’s life, love and resurrection were given power and authority over all enemies  seen or unseen. You have been called for action as believers.

Keep your eyes out for opportunity to teach, baptize, free people from strongholds, spirits and pray with people. Wherever the opportunity arises, the Holy Spirit will show up at the grocery store, at the gas pump, while getting an oil change, at school, at a sporting event.  Hurting people, who are held in captivity by the enemy are everywhere. Pray that your eyes are open, and you have a heart like Jesus ( Yahusha)  

Praying with strangers will be uncomfortable at first but remember: No risk, No reward. We must be bold for Yahusha. People’s eternal lives depend on us, we are the Farmers of His eternal garden. We must resurrect the ART of the great commission: Farming: Helping Bring Forth Fruit.

Mark 16: 15-18

15 And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

16 He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.

17 And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues;

18 They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.


  1. Do you pray out loud with strangers, people you see  hurting? Are you bold in your faith?
  2. Have you invested time into someone who you feel is in darkness?
  3. Are you constantly at work for the kingdom? Do you have your spiritual radar up?
  4. Are you in constant prayer for those struggling?
  5. Have you got to the root of all your pain, short comings?
  6. Ask Holy Spirit to wash you in areas of your life that are not clean. Take it from you.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Healing Prayer Session: If you would like to schedule a prayer healing session with me to help release you from strongholds like not forgiving,  sadness, past trauma, depression, anger:  email me. We can set up healing session on the phone or in person. I love you and want you  to be Free. We were given the power to resurrect your life by the Holy Spirit in Yahusha’s ( Jesus’s) name by the power coming from the throne of the Father!



Tempted First By Food, Still Tempted.

The Essene Gospel of Peace, said to be found in Aramaic was a hidden treasure found in the Vatican library. I can only imagine what other secrets or blanks could be filled in if we were to read all the scrolls and books found the Vatican’s library shelves that stretch over 31 miles.

The Essene Gospel of Peace is a remarkable lost book that seems to be Jesus speaking to the masses about why we get sick, and how we can be healed. He teaches the crowd what to eat, what to avoid, how to cook or rather not cook, how to fast and how they can prevent illness.

Yahusha ( Jesus) teaches us that sickness and disease is spiritual warfare through the food we eat. This should not surprise you. Remember, Satan first tempted us through food in the garden of Eden. Our original fall from grace was from temptation with desirable food.

Genesis 3:6: “When the woman saw that the fruit of the tree was good for food and pleasing to the eye, and also desirable for gaining wisdom, she took some and ate it. She also gave some to her husband, who was with her, and he ate it.”

Satan still tempts us with food and drink and vices, so that he can enter our bodies causing disease, inflammation, mental confusion and even death. He rejoices every time a follower of Yeshua, someone who loves YWHW (God) is debilitated or better yet leaves the earth.  After all, it is one less person spreading the gospel before the appointed time.

Satan tempt us through food that looks delicious and smells delicious. He tempts us with easy fixes with fast food, processed food and prescription drugs.  He contaminates the food  and water with chemicals. His goal is to destroy the temple which is your body. When we are not feeling well, we cannot be used fully for the kingdom.

1 Corinthians 6:19 Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own;

Do you not remember how important cleanliness was in the temple? As caretakers of our body, we must be deliberate in how we care for the temple for the Holy Spirit. Our bodies are not our own ; they are the house for the holy spirit. So when we take the bait to consume that which defiles the temple, the spiritual warfare to destroy our mind, body and spirit begins. 

I always question everything I read because Satan has corrupted, twisted, modified and added to all books. If he can’t beat the movement, stop the word from spreading, then he will corrupt the word. He also is the master at divide and conquer, pitting sectors of Christian beliefs against each other. We shut down in our stubborn pride because we were taught a certain thing or our church doesn’t believe that.  Be opened minded and let the Spirit guide you into THE Truth. He is after all the Father of lies, and he has infiltrated into to taught truth- quite successfully.

The Holy Spirit will guide us and help us discern what is truth, what was YHWH’s original intention. How was it in paradise? How will it be when we are in paradise again? For instance in the garden of Eden we were friends and even caregivers to all the animals. In fact, animals were made before we were made.  We did not eat meat until we sinned. We did not eat our friends until we were kicked out of paradise. Eating meat was not the original intention.

In our bibles, there is many concessions made. But these concessions were not the original intention. Wayward disobedient children are given concessions so that they do not further hurt themselves with their bad choices. Kind of like a Dad saying, ” You aren’t going to listen to me. I do not want you to drink with your friends but if you are not going to listen to me at least for your own sake don’t drink and drive. Please have a designated driver. ”

You see this was Dad’s concession out of love to protect the child from death or hurting someone else.  But this was not the original instruction. The original instruction was: Daughter,  Don’t drink .

The concession the Dad made was at least don’t drink and drive.  I believe that there were many concessions made that were not the original instructions because Moses was dealing with stiff-necked people.

Example after 400 years living as pagans in Egypt the Israelites were stubborn in their meat eating. Don’t you remember the manna wasn’t good enough and they complained and begged for meat only to die of a plague?

 So I believe he said if you are going to eat meat, then eat only clean meat. If you do your research there were a lot of diseases the Egyptians had from eating those unclean meats. Today,  there are over 13 animal to human diseases that kill over 2.2 million people per year. Diseases that can be transmitted between animals and humans, such as bird flu and tuberculosis, can wreak havoc on the health of both organisms.

It’s crazy how much Food and drink have a power over us. Nothing has changed since the first sin in the garden. And the fallen angels still mess with us until the appointed time in the area of food and drink.  They know it’s an area of extreme weakness for most.

Before we sinned: And God said, “Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree in which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.

After we sinned, we were no longer on vacation, petting the animals, eating fruits and veggies and hanging out with the creator. We were thrown out and put to work. Things are a lot harder when we choose to alienate ourselves from the Father.

Then to Adam He said, “Because you have listened to the voice of your wife, and have eaten from the tree about which I commanded you, saying, ‘You shall not eat from it’; Cursed is the ground because of you; In toil you shall eat of it All the days of your life. “Both thorns and thistles it shall grow for you; And you shall eat the plants of the field; (Genesis 3:17-18)

So God says it’s harder to get our fruits and veggies and food. But What does Satan say? I would imagine he says God says that growing food will be difficult, but I will make it easier.  I will bring you technology, pesticides, change God’s seeds, give you fast food, processed food …all while laughing scheming to destroy the body of believers.

He will entice you, make your life easier in one area. But he has a  sneaky ulterior motive, to ruin your heavenly assignment or  worse case to delay  your assignment so you have less impact.

When I go to the grocery store now, I see chemical after chemical, dyes, toxics, “fast food” that is killing us. Medicines that mask the real problems. I see medicines destroy the liver and cause a list of side effects.

 I can only imagine if the disciples or even Enoch were to walk through grocery store what they would think. Our bodies the temple is IN Flames- Inflammation from the Father of Fire himself.  Satan even corrupted YHWH’s heirloom seeds, creating hybrid seeds that won’t reproduce seeds. A fruit that bears no fruit. That’s what he wants with us…to be a piece of fruit that is debilitated where we can’t bear more fruit for the kingdom. 

Can you believe there is technology that modifies our fruits by adding pig DNA. If we know in scripture that pig is considered an abomination, does it not sound like the scheme of the enemy to inject pig dna into fruits? Disgusting!

“Those who consecrate and purify themselves to go into the gardens, following one who is among those who eat the flesh of pigs, rats and other unclean things–they will meet their end together with the one they follow,” declares the LORD Isaiah 66: 17

The good news is that Essene Gospel of Peace gives us Jesus’s advice to all of us. The Father does not want one of us to be sick. He wants us to live a long healthy life. Sickness and disease is from the Enemy. Yeshua does not want his message of good health to be hidden either. The treasures of hidden truth are there for all of us. We just have to dig harder.

The Father has presented me with tons of scientific confirmations that back up the validity of much of the health advice in this book. I love how he does that.  Because I know how much the enemy has twisted and corrupted all scripture. I always pray for wisdom and discernment and God’s truth when I read anything.

I am not going to give you the details of this lost book, but encourage you to start searching for truth. I have read the bible several times through. But then I felt an urging that there is more for me. I started a quest for truth. Every one of us is on a different part of the search. It will develop in stages if you have the heart and desire to learn. There have been many times, I’ve cried out to the Father to reveal HIS truth, entire truth.

I’ve read a lot of lost books and some of them have changed me forever. The gaps are being filled in and I am forever grateful to the Holy Spirit who is guiding me into the hidden treasures of truth. The truth will set you free. I will say that sometimes the truth is not comfortable and it takes serious will power to change your old ways. Pray for will power you will need it to overcome Satan’s power over us when it comes to things like sugar, alcohol, chemical medicines, processed foods etc… Fasting is a great way to break that cycle.

Sometimes after revelations are made, you have to pray for help digesting and activating the new revelations that are not in line with the norms. This “fallen world”  is under the spell, blinded by the Father of lies. Do not be surprised when many do not understand your new reality. Pray for them. Their eyes have been blinded.  Expect to be mocked, made fun of or questioned, the enemy is threatened by anyone who comes into hidden truth.

We must pray that eyes and ears would be opened especially when it comes to our food, water and medicines. So many things we consume are inviting fallen angels to into our temples to feast on our organs and system.

Here is tiny portion of the lost book found in Vatican assumed to be Jesus speaking: “So eat always from the table of God: the fruits of the trees, the grain and grasses of the field, the milk of beasts, and the honey of bees. For everything beyond these is of Satan, and leads by the way of sins and of diseases unto death. But the foods which you eat from the abundant table of God give strength and youth to your body, and you will never see disease. For the table of God fed Methuselah of old, and I tell you truly, if you live even as he lived, then will the God of the living give you also long life upon the earth as was his.”

Before you read anything, pray as Solomon did for wisdom and discernment. There are many things I’ve read that have shreds of viable truth and a lot that I have discerned as “added” doctrine.

Matthew 7: 7 “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

Temple Examination

What can you do to take ownership of your physical health?

  1. What foods/drink can you eliminate to help your over all health?
  2. How is your will power?
  3. What changes can you make today to get your temple healthier? 
  4. What resources or help can you get to help you get healthier? Support system is often vital to fighting unseen battle.
  5. Do you have any food addictions? Or vices that need to stop today that are defiling your temple?

Pride Blocks the Humility of A Born Again Experience

Our pride gets in the way so much from living peacefully. If we spent more time reflecting on our own short comings,  instead of pointing at people or blaming family, friends, events; we would truly find peace in all situations. Did the Father not bring us through the battles, the tough times for a greater purpose? Was He not there the entire time holding our hand, helping us through? Often what holds us back is the spirit of pride which blocks the humility of a born again experience.

Clemens Alexandrinus called Clement was a follower of Peter. He traveled with Peter after being introduced by Barnabus who you remember in our bibles. Clement tells us  that ” The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit, a broke and contrite heart.”  We are to live out all areas of our lives as if God ( YHWH) is looking. We should humble ourselves in error, living daily in fear and truth.

It was such a gift reading all 300 something pages of Clementine Homilies. There is so much to learn from what is written about Peter, Peter’s words and his public debates with pagans.In today’s reading, Clement speaks a lot about humility. This reoccurring theme of humility is tied to the born again experience.

Here are a few quotes:

” Seeing then all things are seen and heard by God; let us fear him and let us lay aside our wicked works which proceed from ill desires: that through his mercy we may be delivered from the condemnation to come. ”

” Miserable are the double-minded, and those who are doubtful in their hearts. ”

“Depart from evil and do good, seek peace and ensue it.”

” Let them learn great a power of humility with God….”

“Turn to him with holiness in pure mind.”

Clement tells us that the holy spirit searches our inward parts. He is very near to us, none of our thoughts or reasonings are hid from him. We should have a habit of purity ( Pure thoughts, pure living, pure communication);  affection of meekness. He stresses that we would be better if we govern our tongues with silence.

All things are possible with God accept one thing Clement tells us, HE CANNOT LIE. Lying to ourselves about what we need to clean up is the biggest stumbling block to being cleansed. It is the truth in all things that will set you free. Double minded living, double minded thoughts will not bring you the peace but turmoil.

It is through that humility of honest self reflection, that breaking point where we acknowledge to the maker and to everyone else our authentic selves that we can grow and become new creatures in Him. Until we unveil and peel back all the ugly parts revealing them with a humble heart, we can’t move to that place of peace nor can we be truly “born again.”

As I went through the process of being born again, I realized how many people I had hurt, how selfish I was and how much I hurt my Dad through my disrespect and dishonor.  I spent many hours repenting as I read the bible the first time, that year after Dad’s death. It was a rebirth process for me.

Clement says that it is through humility, admitting mistakes and living in a way that is pleasing to the Father that we receive grace. If we admit our mistakes, we cannot turn around in justification or blame or defense. Otherwise, our so called repentance is blotted in pride. True repentance doesn’t work that way. The spirit of defensiveness is one of the biggest road blocks to humility which leads to a new you.

After we say we are sorry we can’t keep repeating these mistakes. How tired must God be with us when we keep saying we are sorry only to do the bad thing again? Pretty soon, Dad will get fed up with our empty promises and bad behavior. With every good Father there are consequences to our bad choices. We have a choice to behave. The willpower comes from Holy Spirit encounter. Without Holy Spirit you will not be strong enough to change. Pray for the Holy Spirit to drive you in all areas of your life that need an overhaul clean up.

It is often hard to live peacefully when we fill we are being mistreated, however we must never forget that our Messiah, never opened his mouth as he was led to slaughter. When he was mocked, spit on, beaten;  he never uttered a word.  “Forgive them they know not what they do. ”  I often think about that kind of love, wanting to live that way…see people through those kind of loving eyes. Yahusha ( Jesus) is such an inspiration to all of us.

We have to all be able to look at ourselves in the mirror, get to the root of all our problems and pull those weeds out  once and for all. ( FROM THE ROOT!) Fight for your eternal life! For PEACE!

Being born again, means a new you, a WHOLE new life. That does not mean partial make-over. It means all or nothing.

Wide gate or Narrow Gate. We can’t be a born again Christian and still be addicted to prescription drugs. We can’t be a born again Christian and continue to flip through porn or curse at every stubbed toe. We cannot be a born again Christian and harm are bodies in any way. If you talk trash about others, you are not living a born again life.

I do not believe once saved, always saved. I believe based on my study of scriptures old and new that we can lose our salvation by choice by backsliding and living in ways that are against God’s will. We will never be perfect and the Son died for our transgressions. But he did not die so we can live a life of sin with a get free out of jail card in our back pocket. We must live in righteousness, in fear because we LOVE : YHWH ( God) and Yahusha ( Jesus).

Let me give you an example:

There are times in the bible where the Holy Spirit leaves a person.  1 Samuel 16:14 it says: Now the Spirit of the LORD had departed from Saul, and an evil spirit from the LORD tormented him.”

Then there are times when people can be baptized just with water but not the Holy Spirit.

Acts 8: 16For the Holy Spirit had not yet fallen upon any of them; they had simply been baptized into the name of the Lord Jesus. 17Then Peter and John laid their hands on them, and they received the Holy Spirit.

Acts 2: 38 Peter replied, “Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.

True repentance, true heart for God’s kingdom and what his Son has done, comes with the ability through the gift of the Holy Spirit to Change completely, to submit fully all areas of your life in accordance with the will of the Father.

Too many times, people are baptized without a repenting. Even if they do, many keep on living life of greed, lies, addiction, deceit, lust, materialism, anger, rage, gossip chatter and the list goes on. Many people also think what is right is wrong and what is wrong is right. If you want to know what sin is, read word.

We are not defined by our past, by our heartaches, by others love or hate for us or treatment of us, we are not defined by our traumas. When we continue to drudge up the past, live as broken people, the Father cannot use us fully for the Kingdom. We have to be trusted by YHWH to truly be used. If we waiver in any area, we are not equipped or strong enough for the big assignments and we will not be able to withstand the trials that come with the great commission.

Are any of us perfect? Absolutely not. But we have to make a goal to live righteously in all areas. We must examine our lives, every part work, home, school. We must protect our eyes and ears. We must tame our tongues. We must count our blessings. We must praise and pray. We must not allow the evil in this world or what has or will be done to us let us spiral out of control or lose our focus. Jesus can come at anytime. We must be ready.

Scriptures Today:

Jesus himself said it is not as easy as a simple prayer to make it into heaven.

Matthew 7: 13 “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.

John 3: 3: “Jesus replied, “Very truly I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born again.”

Matthew 7:  22Many will say to Me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and in Your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?’ 23Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you workers of lawlessness.’ 24Therefore everyone who hears these words of Mine and acts on them is like a wise man who built his house on the rock.…”

PRAYER TODAY:  Inspired from King David’s Prayer:
Have Mercy on me Father, according to your love and kindness, please blot out my transgressions.

Wash me through your son’s blood of my iniquity, cleanse me from my sin. For I acknowledge my transgressions:

______________________________( repent, take your time be specific).  I have sinned against only you and you only Father. I desire truth throughout my entire being. Make known to me any unclean area of my life and give me the power of the Holy Spirit to change. Wash me and make me whiter than snow. Make my heart sing and be joyful in gladness at your goodness and let me rejoice in all the blessings in my life, keeping my eyes fixed on your love, promises, mercy and kingdom not the troubles of this life.

Create a clean heart in me and restore the Holy Spirit fully to me. Help me to teach other transgressors your ways so that sinners will be restored to you. I will praise you with my mouth. I know you delight in a the sacrifice of a broken spirit, one that is willing to submit all things to you. So today, I submit all to you.  I will trust you. I will not worry. I will not be anxious. I will rest in the comfort of your arms. You will renew my mind, body and spirit, bringing me into the full born again experience.

I ask for special help overcoming these areas of my life:

Thank you for loving me, helping me and having mercy on me today.




Whose Your Daddy?

weedsStop watering weedsHow could a precious child of God go down in defeat?  If we completely trust the Heavenly Father and deny our own personal will, then defeat is not an option. We cannot live a moment in defeat when Jesus the son of God intercedes for us. If we feel attacked or defeated, we could be listening or letting the wrong Daddy, the Father of Lies as Jesus called him, influence our lives. The great news is that we all have a much nicer, kinder adopted Daddy waiting on us.

The enemy has a big picture goal. His ultimate plan is to take you off God’s divine plan for your life. He does not want your will to be united with God’s will. He will bring havoc into your life, into your marriage, into your work, into your health, so that you will be derailed off your true calling. He will stop at nothing to paralyze your influence on building God’s kingdom.

When you are in a state of depression, anger, grief or any unhealthy emotion, he rejoices.  Everyday is one less day in your life that you are focused on God’s big plan: bringing more of your friends, family and strangers into the eternal kingdom of love and peace. The enemy wants to take you down. He hates children who have the potential to be major influencers to the kingdom. So you must be all in and fully submitted… be truly born again  in all areas to fight the attacks.

So who is this bad daddy that we all too often listen too called the” Father of Lies.”

He whispers all kinds of lies constantly pumping you full of nonsense. He is a Daddy that causes us to feel defeated, depressed, hopeless, sick and angry. He makes mountains out of mole hills. He stirs the pot. He puts fuel on your flames of anger. He puts salt in old wounds.   He causes us to deny things. He twists the truth and creates illusions and plants irrational fears.  He wants us to be paranoid. He wants us to lie, evade truth, hide truth and scheme. He tells us that we aren’t good enough, that the Father doesn’t love us. He tells you that you are too rotten, that the Father won’t forgive you, doesn’t want you…you are too dirty.

He does not want you to be humble where you would repent in complete honesty. He wants you to worry about what others think more than what God thinks. He wants you to want more, to want new, to chase and accumulate material things, focusing on temporary gains instead of eternal rewards.  Unsatisfied is where he would like you to stay.

He wants you to make everything else more important than the Father and the Son. He wants you to make your children, your spouse, work,  a hobby  or a mistress more important than your relationship with your true Father. He wants the real Father to be on the “back burner.” In fact, he is excellent at keeping us so busy that we never sit still and listen or open a bible.  He will cause you to pull away from church, Christian friends and good influences. Misery loves company,and he will bring you plenty of people that will allow you to sit in that state.  He does not want you to take a day of rest, a true Sabbath where you praise, worship and relax. He wants you too tired to pray.

He feeds fear, paranoia, sadness, depression, exhaustion, panic, anxiety, anger, loneliness and more. He is the master at creating a sense of unworthiness in us or stirring up past pain and emotions. He does not want us to heal. He does not want us to use that past pain to help others heal and follow Yahusha. ( Jesus)

We must realize that our minds are truly a battle field. We must take control of our thoughts and make every single one of them HOLY.  Whatever we focus our energy on, we feed.  Take a moment and think about what emotions are you feeding.

Today, I heard an interesting analogy. When we focus on past pain, traumatic events anything negative;  it’s like watering a weed garden. Why would we water a bed of weeds when we could focus our thoughts on serving others, loving others and counting blessings?   Life is not perfect but when we lean on God’s strength, when we fully submit our mind, body and spirit to His Will, then we make it through the tougher times in one piece.

If we continue to listen or let the Father of lies influence us- we will continue to spiral, spin round and round…be on that rollercoaster of emotion with no peace.

Scriptures Today:

1 Peter 5 : 7-8

Cast Your Cares on Him
7Cast all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you. 8Be sober-minded and alert. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.

2 Corinthians 10: 5

5We tear down arguments, and every presumption set up against the knowledge of God; and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.


  1. What have you been fixating on most lately? Counter them with positive thoughts.
  2. What emotions have you been feeling? Counter them with positive emotions.
  3. Have you been making choices pleasing to Jesus in all areas of your life? If not, repent & submit.
  4. List some things you are grateful for.

Ideas to lift your spirits:

  • Enjoy nature, admire God’s creatures, flowers, listen to running water, dip your toes in water…
  • Exercise outside- breath deep– admire his creation.
  •  Serve elderly, poor, sick- take the focus off you and your problems. Serve in your sorrow.
  • Listen to praise music, fun music—dance. Enjoy life with clean fun.
  • Watch  family friendly funny movies- find something to laugh about.
  • Do something new to you- a new adventure. Try indoor rock climbing, take a cooking or painting class

There is Nothing Dead About Dead Sea Scrolls….Perhaps, the Rest of the Story!


I was recently at a Spirit filled event where the Pastor brought in guest speakers. I have been going to these events hoping that the Father will speak to me giving me clarification on all the research and studying I have been doing.

On many occassions, I’m awaken early in morning, yeah like 5am with pressing questions.  Then, I open the computer and that question leads me down a path where more truth is revealed. He gives me one crumb at a time, and it keeps leading me to more revelation.

I sat there in the church and listened to this Pastor.  After much prayer, petition and research, I believed this Pastor to be in the dark on so much. I must admit I started to shut down in disbelief at how far off he was in left field.  As I sat and listened, my defense went up.

I started to have a conversation with the Father in my mind. ” Why does he say this? Why does someone who is leading the flock not know the truth?”

He said, “Because they have not asked Shea. They have not begged me for truth and put in the time to uncover the truth. The treasure, will be revealed to those willing to dig. He just has not banged on the door, petitioned liked you. ”

We are in a time that is special, perhaps leading to bible prophecy being completely fullfilled. If you believe scripture, you could very well encounter the anti-christ in your life time. He will come as a false messiah, , probably claiming to be Jesus. He may even claim to have some sort of a rapture event. Over and over in scripture it’s clear , the unrighteous will be plucked, not the righteous. So unless you are in word, studying and researching, even the innocent could be tricked or fooled by some alien type god that does miracles and claims to be the true Messiah. The enemy will come under the guise of peace, love, kindness, meekness, miracles, signs, wonders and unless you know the real truth, you could very easily be deceived.

It’s a season for all believers to seek truth, authentic truth for themselves. We need to all move out of following the flock or herd by innocently trusting taught doctrine from the pulpit. Stop thinking that a light sermon once a week is enough. Stop thinking that listening to a pop culture christian icon is enough. Stop thinking that a light bible study or daily devotional is enough.  We must read HIS word entirely, study and research and pray for wisdom and discernment with passion as if the end of times are near. To be ready as if Yeshua is coming tonight.

The Holy Spirit must become your filter where only the truth comes to the surface and the garbage is filtered out. No more excuses about not having time for the Father or His word.

Are you going to wait until he is forced to wake this nation up with an event that has you crying over your bible, crying out to him for food, truth and protection? Will it take this kind of an awakening to get you in an “all in” status? At that point, your computers will probably off. You will be in total darkness and catapulted into a time that resembles what the early believers in the Walden age were up against, hiding their bibles in caves, memorizing scripture, running from those that persecute them. There will be no internet at your fingertips to get the hidden truth. Wouldn’t it be better at that point to be that child who cries out that was in the word everyday, praying everyday who was willing to go all in before the crisis?

I can assure you that the voice of his serious sheep will bring in angels, will bring manna from the sky, will assure in water from rocks, will transport you to a safe location like Phillip in the bible. The serious children will have the spiritual gifts. He will speak to the serious sheep loudly and they will obey. Because when they were still in the world but not of the world, they sought him and they did not wait until a disasterous event.

You say that everyone is on their own path. That is true. But if truth is been given to you and you shrug your shoulders and ignore…perhaps that narrow gate will be closed to you. Do not let the hussle and bussle of this life, take you off your true destiny or pull you away from a Father who longs for your attention and love.

There is no more time for half heartedness or haphazard living. We can’t afford to let this superficial life get in the way of our eternal life relationships. It’s time to get serious.  You cannot just claim to believe or claim a name, you must live righteously and do as Jesus did.  What books did he teach from? What prophets did he quote? What were his exact words? How did he celebrate the Father?

He must be part of your daily life, every moment of your day. He can no longer be something you claim, yet do not invest in. You must invest time into the everlasting word. That doesn’t mean just new testament. The New Testament did not exist when Yeshua and the disciples walked and preached. Jesus taught from the first 5 books, read from the entire Tanak ( Old Testament). The New Testament is awesome as it proves prophecy was fullfilled in Yeshua and he clarifies much for us. But we must not disregard the holy scriptures that our Rabbi held so dearly or the loving instructions of the Father in books like Leviticus.  Do you think we have all the scriptures that influenced Yeshua in our bibles?  The answer is no. We do not have all the scriptures that influenced him in our bibles or the entire picture of what is to come. It’s a book but so much was taken out by the enemy who had his demonic priests hide truth.

The laodicean council  in 364AD decided what books were in and what books were out. Do you trust a group of people that forbid the early believers from resting on Sabbath as Yahweh commanded? Why is Jasher mentioned in Joshua and named by King David himself, yet it is left out of our canons?

While in church, I looked around at the tender hearts there to serve and worship the Father, I saw vulnerable spirits who could easily be deceived if they are not on a search for Yahweh’s truth. The details matter when you read scripture. We must think for ourselves not as a group. Remember, the Father of Lies is a great deceiver and manipulator.

Jesus speaks many things in New Testament that strongly resemble the Book of  Enoch, a well known and studied book in His days. In fact, a lot of Enoch was found in the caves at Qumran in the dead sea scrolls.   There is almost a quote from the book of Enoch which Yeshua’s brother Jude mentions. So is it not worth reading? Could it be that the modern day Jews did not want to keep it because it spoke of the Messiah? Could it be that Rome had a reason for hiding truth from us because it did not reinforce their ideas of trinity but clearly defines Father, Son and Lord of Spirit?

When the dead sea scrolls were found, there were over 900 texts. In those texts, were Messiah texts about Yeshua. Which means it is very likely the disciples had a connection to the Essenes, which scientist believe by archelogical digs are the owners of the scrolls. In the discovery, there were 15 copies of the book of jubilees in the caves. That is nearly as many as Genesis. That is an incredible amount of copies of that book. Why was it left out? Should we not read it?

The Book of Jubilees links to Enoch and validates Enoch. We get a clear picture of end of times and the fallen angels in this book and how they messed with men. We also find out what Yeshua meant when he said as it was in the days of Noah so it will be in the end of times. Enoch paints a picture of what we might be up against.

While parts of Jasher tells us how Satan can reveal himself and lead us astray using kindness, meekness and in packages of goodness. Satan will not come as himself but will mask under deceived goodness.  You also get much more indepth understanding of things such as Isaacs almost being sacriced. He was not a child, but a grown man 37 years old, who was willing to lay down his life for his Father in Heaven and do this with Abraham. It was agonizing for them. They held each other crying. Issac helped tied himself up and they cried together in agony. The true story mirrors the agony and self sacrifice of Yeshua and how the Father in Heaven would have cried over his sons loving yet heartaching gift. So we know that it was not a child crying screaming for their Daddy not to sacrifice them. Issac did this with joy and love for the Father in heaven.   Wow my eyes were opened. I had a hard time thinking that a God that despised child sacrifice would ask Abraham to sacrifice his young son. This was a grown man willing, like Yeshua to be the sweet aroma in Heaven, the sacrifice if need be. Know you know why this seed was to fill the earth and receive blessings. Isaac’s heart was so pure. Other books tell us that this event was spawned on by Satan himself much like he did with Job which also puts a different perspective on the event.

Then when you read about the Essenes, the group of people most likely responsible for the dead sea scrolls,  you see huge similiaries in both John the Baptist and Jesus’s teachings. Amazingly, in 2007 Pope Benedict in his easter address referenced a connection to Yeshua being an essene or celebrating passover early using an Essene upper room and working off of an Essene calendar. Did you ever wonder why the last supper passover meal was the night before the rest of Pharisees slaughtering of the lamb? Why it is said he died on preparation day, yet he celebrated the night before?   It’s because the Essene calendar was different. Pope Benedict shared that with the masses. I can’t help but think that the reason he left the position is that he was fed up by their lies. Perhaps, the Holy Spirit began to wake up his spirit to the truth and evil suppression of information. Now I am on a quest to find out the Father’s real calendar. Enoch and the book of Jubilees has much evidence and I’m getting some big confirmations.

Why is it that authorities kept the dead sea scrolls from the public for 50 years? The Father allowed them to be preserved for us to prepare us for what is to come. So the sheep who long for the entire truth are prepared for times like these, so that we can sound the shofar and wake up the dying church who has largely drank the wine of the harlot, Rome. Eyes are being opened and his flock are having a major awakening.

There is no doubt that the Essenes  treasured these scriptures and had a connection to the Nazarenes. It’s facinating that an entire Jewish people would have Messianic scriptures about Jesus. Historically, many scientist believe that Nazerth probably did not exist at the time of Yeshua not unless it was a neighborhood or small province. Historian Flavius Josephus named every other town but not Nazareth.  Josephus also teaches us much about the Essenes, the stricter group that lived in the dessert. Most likely Nazareth was a sector or group of people which spun off from the Essenes. Most likely the Nazarene  community was near Mount Carmel, the special mountain of Elijah. The new believers, his disciples were called Nazarenes. They were not all from this area…so this leads us to believe it was a sector of Jews- the major groups were Phariasees, Sadduccees and Essenes. I’ll keep praying for clarification.

Last year on my birthday, my brother in law gave me the dead sea scrolls, all of the fragments in a book. At the time I tried to read it, felt a bit overwhelmed. But when the Father started leading me to his truth about these books, I  had this awesome resource, ready when he dropped me another nugget of truth. He set me up to explore when he was ready to reveal the next nugget of information. He’s so cool like that.
Your very life and lively hood depends on you understanding the truth and what is to come. All I am saying is first read the bible yourself. Then, investigate the dead sea scrolls and all the books eliminated by the Council. At first some of the truth maybe overwhelming, even startling or seem like a science fiction movie.  Keep praying and asking for clarification and for the Spirit to lead you to what is important.

You must praise, pray constantly…develop a closeness to your Abba Daddy and Rabbi Yeshua.  Do not wait until the dark cloud covers this land. Let him hear your voice now!



Holy Spirit, What Would You Like to Tell Me today?

river-sun-flipI wanted to show you what came from my quiet time with the Spirit of Truth this morning. We are to spend more time listening. So this morning, I put on my harp music, grabbed my herbal coffee, pen, paper and the thoughts rolled in.

Good Morning Father, Good morning Yeshua. Thank you Holy Spirit for this day. I praise you for your presence.  I know you said you would never leave me; you would always be with me. I long to hear from you; to feel your ever loving presence. Quiet my mind. What would you like to tell me today?

Like water rolling over a rough stone, I round the edges of your being. The cleansing water runs through you, around you and over the edges smoothing them. The glistening water sparkles above like a canopy of protection, my healing waters cleanses you.

At first a rough rock tumbles down the mountain and lands in the everlasting waters. The edges are sharp, rugged from the wilderness. The process begins and soon you do not resemble what you were once. All has gone away. You are now a gentle, smooth stone. My healing waters take away your hardness and continuously cleanse, refine and smooth out the rough parts. Do not let the world take you out of my healing waters, you must stay in the saturation of my presence.

The shaking of this life should bring you tumbling into the river of life. Sometimes events of this life, will cause you to tumble into my the living waters. But sometimes you clutch to the world, holding onto the mountainside which has no safety net. It’s only a matter of time and the rugged rock will fall. It’s largely up to you where you fall. You have a choice, will you fall into the healing waters that flow from the throne of the Most High? Or will you choose to stay in the uncertainty of the wilderness.   Choose eternal life: fall into the arms of your creator.


Other Random thoughts this morning: We are to put on our white garments. What if you never washed your clothes? What if you only washed them once a month? Imagine the grime, the dirt, the smell.  There are actions of refinement needed in your life before you can be given your white robe.  Some stains in your life are harder to remove. Humble yourself before the King and ask for help. Only the Holy Spirit can remove the stubborn areas. Pray, He will not fail anyone with a sincere heart who is willing to fully submit to His authority.

Whatever you fix your eyes, ears and mind on, will impact your Spirit. Fix on my love, guidance, protection. Do not let the enemy take you off course. Precious child, the gate.

Action Item today: Put on relaxing harp music or praise music and stretch. He told me yesterday to stretch. I did not. I was reminded again and told to stretch 3x today. I am very stiff and prayed through the pain. I noticed that I begin to cough up more of my sickness during the stretch exercises. We must take care of our Temples, the house for the Holy Spirit.

What We Should Be Doing Now…Preparing

While finishing up Daniel today a few verses really stuck out about end of times:

12: 3″ And those who have insight shall shine like the brightness of the expanse, and those who lead many to righteousness like the stars forever and ever. “

Thoughts: Many people are being called out to go on a search for real truth so that during the end of times; they can be used to give insight to the lost. We must pray for insight now that the Father can use us. We will be vital to sharing the importance of repentance, salvation and walking in real truth. So many sweet people have been blinded by deception or lies, they inherited it.. The set- apart ones will  have a big job to do. They will come under captivity and plundering as Daniel tells us. This shouldn’t surprise you, knowing that almost all of the disciples died martyrs deaths.  But this will not be in vain, for many will be given understanding by our shared insight.  Unfortunately, the sky could fall and some will still harden their heart to the Truth.

Daniel 12: 4….”Many shall diligently search and knowledge shall increase. ” 

Thoughts: We should be diligently searching for truth now, studying the scriptures, praying and sharing with others. In addition, to learning for our own benefit,  we should  also be mirroring Yeshua by serving poor,praying for the sick, taking care of the widows, elderly, single moms and those in need. We must pray for Jesus glasses, to see through His lenses. You will no longer just mindlessly pass someone in the store with a cane, in a wheel chair or turn the other way when someone is upset or crying…Pray for a Baptism of Love, and you will begin to have a heart like your Messiah. Your empathy and love for others will increase. You will slow down and begin to see these broken people in the world who need the love a believer can provide. Be Jesus on earth to others.

If the enemy has a middle name it would be Selfishness. His influence in our lives causes us to be self absorbed where we only worried about our own lives, our own kids and our own interests.  We must make the Father #1. We must make serving Elohim and our neighbors a priority without judgment or criticism. Remember, idolatry can come in different forms, even our children can be come idols if we dedicate more time to them than the most important relationship- Your Heavenly relationship.

12: 10 ” Many shall be cleansed and made white, and refined. But the wrong shall do wrong- and none of the wrong shall understand, but those who have insight shall understand.

Thoughts: The world is different. It’s time for the Children of the Most High, to set themselves apart by constantly asking to be refined into His likeness. We must be that light that shines brightly in a dark room. We must cleanse ourselves with heartfelt repentance and obedience. We should humble ourselves and lead with love in all transactions, words and actions. The Father is love, so we should always display love. How you live, what comes out of your mouth is a witness to others.  Your actions, non-verbals and verbals either reinforces your belief or it contradicts it. Either way you are sending a message.

Daniel reminds us that during end of times what seems to be a peaceful leader will come on the scene. He will be a master at flattery, even distributing supplies to those in needs at first. He will seem different that his predecessors before him but he will soon deceive the nations.  A switch will be flipped, he will proceed with his own agenda to exalt himself above all and he will maneuver for selfish gain. Exalting SELF is SELFISHNESS. We must fight selfishness at all costs- the root of that trait is straight from Satan. There was not one selfish bone in Yeshua’s body. Not one!

We do not have time to say we are too busy to read the bible. We can not forget to pray.  We have got to start talking to the Father continuously, like a friend that is constantly with us. Praying should become like breathing. If someone pops into your mind, you might be interceding on their behalf, so pray for them!

If we have time for several sports practices a week, going to the gym to work out and weekend full of double hitters and golf;  then we have time for a cup of coffee and daily bible reading. We must also carve out some quiet time to Ask the Father what’s on His mind. Then SHHHHH listen.

The enemy is the master at keeping us so busy. He keeps our minds so preoccupied that we stay in a “spinning” frenzy, even disturbs our sleep which we know is that precious time that the creator can speak to us in dreams for instance..If he has us so busy with kids, school, work, chores and shopping then guess what? We can’t hear the Spirit! I once heard a Pastor say that the Spirit can not be heard when the mind is anxious. We must slow down and plug into our source constantly and Trust the Father in all things.

Listening is just as important as praying. And when we pray we  should not just have a laundry list of requests for our own needs.  We need to praise, worship, pray for others, address our own needs and listen with a journal in hand. Sometimes he will speak with you during the only time He can get your mind to SHHH- in the shower, while wiping down the counter, right before you open your eyes in morning or during another mindless activity. Try making drive time, quiet time. Then listen and reflect. You can not have a relationship or growth if you don’t invest time…Giving Him the left over time is not an option or at least not a good one. Chances are you will drop him off the bottom of your to- do list.


He Reveals Truth to Babes….

Yahusha picked simple men or men with thick skin to be on his team of disciples. He did not personally pick educated men or Pharisees or Sadducees. His first pick were two fisherman. You do not have to have a degree in Theology for the Spirit of Truth to teach you. You do not have an IQ of 228 to understand the scriptures. All you need is the heart to learn and to pray as Solomon did asking for wisdom and discernment. Teachers, Preachers, Pastors and Ministers many times add to scripture with learned commentary or they go along with what they know is wrong to keep the pews filled. Tradition is a powerful tool of the devil.

When I began this quest to learn the bible I looked into getting my degree in Theology. The First eye opener was how expensive. I originally wanted to be in a classroom setting so there would be debate, so scheduling with little kids would have been tough too. I nixed that idea, and I’m so glad I did because my teacher is far better and will not be influenced by the untruth that has been woven into mainstream.

During this journey for truth,  I was warned that I am not learned enough, nor have I been a  believer long enough to discern on my own.  I was told I needed someone with a Doctorate in divinity to guide me.  I have believed in Messiah my entire life, but the “born again” process really began about 8 years ago when my Dad and I forgave each other. All you really need is the Spirit to guide you as you read the bible. If you have the passion, desire  and determination, the Spirit of truth will teach you.  It is good to get with a group of heartfelt believers who read and study like you do- so you can sharpen swords and discuss deeper meanings.

When I read the below scripture, I knew the Spirit was confirming what I already knew…that the Spirit was fully capable of teaching me and having a scholar on hand was not necessary. We should never let others discourage us or let people judge our personal relationship with the Father/Son or His ability to work in our lives. In Jesus’s own words he comforted me, letting me know that it was the simple people like me who were willing to learn that would be given answers and unfiltered truth.

Matthew 11: 25: 24  25 At that time Jesus declared, “I praise You, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because You have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to babes. 26Yes, Father, for this was well-pleasing in Your sight.

So from the scripture above it’s those with child-like spirits not just those “wise or learned” that will get it. So I started on my quest to not just read the entire bible but to: highlight, take notes and look up what I didn’t understand. But more than that, I prayed for wisdom, discernment and understanding. I am not what you consider really smart, but He has given me a gift of taking scripture and teaching in a way that others can understand and apply to real life.

I was never a good reader. But I am determined and consistent in my daily reading. I’m not afraid to cry out when I don’t get it. I have on many occasions found myself in tears on understanding or not understanding. That seems intense I know…but my love for YHWH and Yahusha are intense.

I’m on my 3rd time all the way thru, each time I read a different version, searching for the cleanest or closest version. ISR is my current version, I like it because instead of debating on real names of creator and son…the names are written in Hebrew not using titles like god or lord- which is so confusing. There are vast differences in the different versions, frankly scary on how much can be lost from Hebrew to Greek to English.  That is why praying is key for clarification. It’s crazy that so much was changed in translations, and to think we are not to change one dot either.

What I soon realized is that much of what I was taught from the pulpit is not quite right or was top of the trees topics. The churches have avoided certain things, have sugar coated and have flat out failed to teach me a lot, including key things in the Old Testament.

Frankly, many of the churches go along with the masses and have succeeded at killing a lot of the original Jewish worship, festivals and doctrines. There are many institutions that sell the idea that the church has replaced Israel and that old testament instructions have been nullified or as they say fulfilled by Yahusha.

History will show you that they purposely  wanted to take the Jewishness out of belief in Jesus and to disassociate themselves with the Jewish people. Originally, the new converts met at synagogues along side Jews still waiting on the Messiah. The new believers Jews and gentiles,  took traditional Sabbaths, studied the Torah, and participated in all the commanded Feasts & Festivals. Meeting in synagogues was natural and many Jews started believing that the Anointed one from the line of David from the Tribe of Judah had already come, Jesus.  Believers and non-believers had more in common in those days than they had uncommon because they practiced all the traditional feasts and Sabbaths.

For Centuries, pagan mixed believers demonize the chosen people.  People do not realize that the Creator purposely closed the eyes and ears of some of the Israelites so that the gentiles could be grafted into the original tree. Gentiles are grafted into benefiting from the promises given with the covenants-promised to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

The promise is only available to gentiles, when we make Jesus, the Jewish King, The promised Everlasting Messiah,  our Lord. When we ( gentiles) accept Jesus the Messiah to Israel, when we Obey Him, when we believe Him, we come into His Kingdom. When you live in a Kingdom, you must obey the rules of that Kingdom to stay and you are adopted into that family.

So when we bow down, follow, obey and accept the Jewish Messiah, then we are grafted into and get the benefits of the promises YHWH made to Abraham. If  some of the Jewish people had not had eyes blinded to truth, then Gentiles could not and would not have been part of that promise given to the chosen people. When you think of it that way, you look at even non-believing Jews today in a totally different way….with love. Remember Jesus’s words, “Then Jesus said to the woman, “I was sent only to help God’s lost sheep–the people of Israel.” The gospel was given first to the Jew and then to the gentile.

Do not forget what Paul told us.  Romans 11: 25 I do not want you to be ignorant of this mystery, brothers and sisters, so that you may not be conceited: Israel has experienced a hardening in part until the full number of the Gentiles has come in. Read 11-31 to understand the importance of us not boasting, as we are grafted into the tree.

As I read about the festivals and commanded feasts I realized  that it’s not just the Israelites but for the sojourner with them. But also if you see yourself now as being part of  Jesus’s Kingdom, then you will take part in all these celebrations too.  I was wondering why do so many modern day churches disregard all the feasts, festivals, Sabbaths, and laws-instructions? This didn’t make sense to me. And why do we do holidays that are not even mentioned at all in any part of the bible? Even more, it baffled me to see facebook picture after facebook picture of known atheists in front of Christmas trees and with Easter Baskets.

Daniel tells us why…

In Daniel 7: 25, he tells us that a leader will rule this world that…

” ( He) speaks words against the Most High, and it wears out the set-apart ones ( believers) of the Most High, and he intends to change the appointed times and law, they are given into its hand for a time and times a half a time.”

So Satan set out to destroy the holy festivals Yahweh  and he set out to completely destroy the law or instructions. He has always sought to destroy or contradict the Father. He is the master deceiver with an art at packaging sin to either to appear okay or good. Think about how he made the fruit look pleasing and desirable to Eve. He didn’t try to make her eat ugly spoiled fruit. He packaged it to look good.  He’s certainly made his mark on the body of believers and done an outstanding job at weaving in lies and getting us off YHWH’s path.

One church service, I brought in my bible and read along with a pastor. I began to wrestle with the word in the back of the building. I felt like I was having a Jacob wrestling with God moment.  What I was getting from the scripture was not what the Pastor was saying or translating. In fact , I felt like that he was completely skipping over the main points. So I prayed out to the Father to reveal His truth…Was the Pastor right? Or was I right?  Soon after praying,  I got 100% confirmation that what I was hearing in my spirit was truth. The Pastor was avoiding talking about a true Sabbath.

The Pastor on purpose avoided this can of worms. He would have a lot of explaining if he told everyone that Sunday is actually known as the “The Venerable Day of the Sun.”  In fact, he would have a hard time keeping the 2000 seats filled. Ouch…too big of a risk!

When Constantine pressed his pagan hordes into the Christian church they were observing the day of the sun for their adoration of the sun god. In order to make it more convenient to convert them to a new religion of what we call Christianity, he changed day of worship to Sunday,  instead of the Sabbath which had been observed by Jesus and His disciples.

Why is it Pastors don’t encourage festivals like Festival of Tabernacles or Sukkot? After all, when Yeshua returns we will all be celebrating it. Plus, the New Testament showed us that while on earth Jesus participated in all the commanded feasts and festivals. Don’t we want to imitate Jesus? Doesn’t he show us the way? See scripture below that shows that we will all go to celebrate feast of tabernacles, modern day called Sukkot.

Zechariah 14:16King James Version (KJV)

16 And it shall come to pass, that every one that is left of all the nations which came against Jerusalem shall even go up from year to year to worship the King, the Lord of hosts, and to keep the feast of tabernacles.

Is it just me or does it make more sense for us to celebrate festivals like Sukkot rather than celebrating  manmade holidays with roots in paganism? How come the big churches aren’t doing a big camp out the week of Sukkot, it would be fun, prepare us for Jesus return and obedient to the word.

How many people sitting in that church will never question any sermon or look up what the Pastor teaches. Well, I couldn’t move on.  I was consumed with the fact that I had been spoon fed untruths, half truths or purposely not given information so that the pews would be full. People would freak out if the Pastor said…Hey look guys Paul is telling us Sabbath is a specific day.

Look, worshipping everyday is perfectly okay. There is nothing wrong with worshipping everyday or going to church everyday. But what we are talking about is the Sabbath, a complete day of rest.

A typical Sunday church day  looks much different than what YHWH describes as a true Sabbath: resting, not working, not causing others to work, not doing your own pleasures..

My old Sunday church day constituted of : Church, Lunch out at a Restaurant, grocery shopping and home late. We were worn out and caused many people to work  that day.  Our Sunday church day was far from being a day of rest nor did it obey the instructions laid out in scripture. It was okay to do all that because Sunday is considered a work  day because it’s the 1st day of week. But my Sunday church did not and could not be defined as a true Sabbath day by definition of the scriptures. See two scriptures below. ( many more if you decide to research).

Exodus 35:  Moses gathered all the Israelite community together and said to them, “These are the things the Lord has commanded you to do. You are to work for six days, but the seventh day will be a holy day, a Sabbath of rest to honor the Lord. Anyone who works on that day must be put to death. On the Sabbath day you must not light a fire in any of your houses.”

Isaiah 58:13 ESV

“If you turn back your foot from the Sabbath, from doing your pleasure on my holy day, and call the Sabbath a delight and the holy day of the Lord honorable; if you honor it, not going your own ways, or seeking your own pleasure, or talking idly…”

My friend who is a school teacher heard recently about the truth about Easter from another friend. She learned that Easter was a pagan rooted holiday for  fertility goddesses like Ishtar, Astarte . The traditions of dyed eggs are derived from child sacrifices and bunnies linked to fertility.  My friend was bold and  asked her Baptist church why they knowingly do Easter egg hunts when they know it would be considered an abomination to the Father?  The answer was simple, ” to get more people to come to their church.” Are you kidding me? I was so proud that she was so bold to ask.

I believe the Father opens eyes and ears in stages. I know that getting all this information at once can be overwhelming. I have felt like for the past 3 years, I’ve been on a spiritual download- a fast one. At times the truth he has given me has been a lot to digest. A lot of changes have been necessary for me to be obedient. I am still working on refining. But I praise because He is given me what I ask for…Real TRUTH. I’m honored that He is revealing Himself to little old me.

I encourage you to let the Spirit of Truth lead you. Make it your quest to not just read the scriptures but to study. If you haven’t read the entire bible- do it. The Word is your daily bread. Personally, I really began to learn when I read start to finish rather than randomly skipping around which I did daily for years.

But remember, if you are doing this to accomplish something to say that you read it all…then you might not learn that much. You must have the right heart when you start. Otherwise, you will not see the deeper meaning of the stories and parables. I’ve seen people read the bible but only read at face value…not the deeper meaning. You want this to be a life altering spiritual awakening…where you begin to see things from Yeshua’s eyes and heart. The bible has changed me forever and I know that with prayer and petition…it will change you.