Quiet, Listen, Journal….Prayer for Hurricane…Truth lesson

As part of my time with Yod-Hey-Vav-Hey ( God) , I’ve been spending time being very quiet  and writing down my thoughts as they pour out.  Most of the time when I do this, I’m barely awake in kind of that groggy mindset to wake up. The best part is that after I am done, I re-read what I wrote and I’m often surprised by the words, the language and the message. It’s amazing to see what pours out and so cool to feel that the Spirit of Truth had a word for me. I encourage each of you to spend time in reflection, meditating on His love and promises. We must be still and quiet to hear.

Here is today’s writing which poured out of me:

9/2/2017: In Quiet Time My Writing this morning…

Shalom, peace be with you. My peace I freely give to you. Relish in the thoughts of that peace and love. Imagine a world without bloodshed, pain, greed, gluttony, hate, anxiety; free from worry or work. Paradise is yours. This time is a mere breath in Heaven. What you do with this time is your free will choice. I have given you the blocks to build on, the weapons to fight against the attacks and the ability to overcome the world as I have overcome the world. Harness those lessons by practicing self- control and loving others despite. I will help you fight Satan’s selfish spell of which he put on people.  He casts his selfish nature on this world causing people to be self-absorbed, self-satisfying, greedy and hateful. I am a loving servant and you are a loving servant. Each day we will work together to wash off the residue of the old you. It may be hard to get the old water spots off at times, but before long you will sparkle and shine like a piece of beautiful crystal transmitting sounds of salvation, peace and hope, while praising me through every battle. The finish line is not far. Keep your eyes and ears on me. Pray for the Spirit of Truth to come on you fully. You need a full immersion and a full integration of my truth.  My truth will soak into every fiber of your being which will guide you, teach you, correct you and protect you.

Prayer Today:

We praise you Abba ( Father). We worship you for your love, mercy and grace. Thank you for your precious son, our Messiah, Yahshua( Jesus) and help us to imitate in him every thought, action and deed. We ask that you will pull down every stronghold over our state of Texas, over our city and over our nation. We pray repentance for every sin that has been done in Texas and cover it by the blood of the anointed one. Spirits of darkness, listen to us, you must stop the attacks on Texas coastlines immediately. We have been given the authority though the Holy Spirit and the name of Yahshua( Jesus) to trample on all your evil works. We pray protection, healing, hope and help over every single person effected by the tragedy in Texas.

Yahshua, Strengthen your army which goes out to help the weak, the meek, the poor and all those hurt by this hurricane. Shine your light on each of us and may you and Abba be glorified through all that has occurred. We pray that the entire nation will hear the name of your son, will hear the glory given to the Father, will be inspired by the strength of your sheep during the storms of life. We pray that this event opens eyes and ears to your truth and that many will commit their lives to you and rededicate their lives to you. Awaken hearts through this tragedy. We cast all demons interfering with the will of the Father into the abyss, never to return to Texas. No weapon seen or unseen, natural or supernatural shall come against the United States coastlines. In the name of Yahshua ( Jesus) we speak healing, resurrection, revival and protection over this country and our families. AMEN


Teaching: Yod-Hey-Vav-Hey= ( one true God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob)

The first letter of Father’s name is the Yod. It means hand. The first part of Jesus’s real name is Yod.

Like Father, Like Son. Why have we taking the Yah or Yod out of the son’s name?

The second letter of the Father’s name is Hey. It is the shape of a slightly open door and it means “what comes forth.”  “Salvation” and “deliverance” were to come from the “hand” of God according to Moses.

Vav, the third letter in the name is the shape of a nail.  Salvation and deliverance comes from the nailed hand of the Yahshua. The sign above Yahshua at the crucifixion read, “Yahshua of Nazarene, King of the Jews.”

Yahshua’s Name is: Yod-Shin-Vav-Ayin

Yod: has a numerical value of 10 and its meanings include: Work, Hand /Arm, Activity, Deed. 

Shin: has a numerical value of 300 and its meanings include: Destroy, Consume, Devour

Vav: has a numerical value of 6 and its meanings include: Join, Nail, Establish, Secure, Attach, Man’s number 

Ayin: has a numerical value of 70 and its meanings include: Eye, See, Understand

One Reason I do not  or try very hard not to use the word Lord: “The name Baal means “Lord” in Hebrew. The church translators replaced the true name of the Messiah, YAHshua with the title “Lord”. When people use that title, they are unknowingly speaking a pagan idol’s name.


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