Seeing 333 Everywhere: The Meaning of 333

Peering out the car window onto the winter scenes of majestic white, was exactly what my spirit needed in December. For months there was rumors that there was going to be a lay off at work. In markets where there was too many reps, there would be eliminations. My manager alluded using phrases like ” hope for the best but prepare for the worst.” My spirit knew that I could very possibly be laid off after 12 years. I could not help but think about this on our trip. I was not upset about the idea of being laid off, but the uncertainty of not knowing how the scheduled call on January 2nd would go down was definitely on my mind.

I so needed the mountain trip. The year had been a tough one. I really had not taken any vacations all year, and I worked most of December extremely hard selling quite a bit of contracts.

Yahshua (Jesus) often went out to a mountainside to pray, and spent the night praying to God. There is something majestic and calming about the mountains; the height, the towering trees, the cool air on your face. We all need a transport to reset our spirits. When we take ourselves out of our element, out of the routines or grind of daily life, as long as we do not burden ourselves with strict schedules and vacation to dos, the getaway can really recharge and reboot.

Braxton and I took a hike in the tall pines in a secluded quiet area. I kept my eyes on her as she ran ahead of me. I could feel the Father in the mountains as we walked down the trails, my eyes drifted up the towering pine trees, to the light that seemed to peak through the canopy and radiate down beams of streaming lights. The soft rushing water sounds on the near by creek, calmed and soothed, reminding me of the healing qualities of being alone in nature. I felt the Holy Spirit was with me, feeling this trip was one of preparation and a reminder that He is with me. .

When the trip first started out, when we had made it to New Mexico, we realized something. The number 333 had kept coming up on all kinds of ways. When we put gas in the car, the lights came up that the gas would last 333 miles. Then, when we were in a certain mountain town we saw the annual snow fall was 333 inches. When we were coming back from going up to the summit, I screamed out to Steve.

“That sign, that sign had 333 on it. This is crazy pull the car around.” I took a picture of the sign.

When I got back home, the number kept showing up. I was shopping for match box cars for my nephew and on one of the little cars it was 333.

When I got back home and I was laying in bed relaxing from all the stressful things you have to do when you lose your job, the phone rang. Nobody was there and the last 3 digits on the number was 333. I felt like He was saying, I’m here. I’ve called several times and it says, “No one is available to take your call. ”

I was talking to a friend on the phone talking about using the Father as a barrier, a wall when I screamed out….I just saw a brick wall with the address 333 on the wall. And just yesterday, after a day at the doctor, I got in the car and just happened to look at the clock and it said 3:33 at the exact moment.

So what is this all about? I did an internet search and found that a lot of believers across the world have been seeing 333 everywhere.

One morning, before I read the bible I prayed to YHWH ( God) to give me wisdom and discernment. Before, I started my more routine finishing up the bible again, I asked Him to speak to me. I prayed over the bible and opened it to a certain page. I was amazed. He answered me using scripture about what 333 really means.

Zechariah 13:8-9
And it shall be throughout all the soil, “declares YHWH, that two thirds therein are cut off and die, and one third is left therein and refine them as silver is refined, and try them as gold is tried. They shall call on MY name, and I shall answer them, I shall say, This is My People, while they say, YHWH is my Elohim. ”

You are probably thinking so….still doesn’t answer it.
Now take out your calculator.
2 divided by 3 is : 666= represents those who will be “cut off and die.”
1 divided by 3 is: 333= Those refined, HIS people who call Him by name.

The Spirit must have led me to do the math. I was absolutely amazed about this.
Not long ago, while I was talking to someone I just met, my daughter pulled out my matchbox car with 333 out of my purse. It was still in the package and Braxton asked if she could open the box. I said, ” No, that’s mine.”
Then Braxton quickly told the lady, Mom won’t let me open it because it says 333 on it. At that point I had not been revealed exactly what it meant, but I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt Poppa was talking to me. It was a source of comfort before I approached the layoff day. The lady asked me , ” What does 333 mean? ” Not knowing her spiritual depth, I just said I’m not sure exactly but I know it’s a biblical number. She laughed and said, “At least it’s not 666.” I had no idea at that moment just how prophetic her statement was and how Abba would confirm that her statement was not just a joke but literal with biblical backing.

You can do research online and see that other believers are seeing 333. I’m not talking about an angel number. I’m talking about the Creator warning or giving comfort to His marked children. The question is, is the timing of all these 333’s being seen around the world a warning? A Comfort? Or both.

This is the year, we must all spend more time with YHWH. We must spend more time alone listening, cutting out the background noise of this life. We must be deliberate in our time with Abba, meditating on the teachings of His precious son, reflecting and repenting and asking for help keeping our cloaks white.

Be His. Be 333. Humble yourself, Be Pure, Refine and Spend Time.

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