Dumpster Diving by Shea Brewer

While waiting in line for donuts in our car, a huge black crow was sitting and watching the dumpster from the fence line. He watched as the other birds dipped down into the dumpster. He sat for a second on the edge of the dumpster, then he dove in spreading his massive black wings to retrieve a big piece of food and fly off.

Soon he returned, with another big black crow.  Now there were two. Their presence dominated the dumpster, all the other little birds scattered at their intimidation.

Just like these birds of prey, demons love to dumpster dive on the trash of our lives, the sin, the bitterness and anger stored up in our souls over past pain and trauma.

Believers can drive out these demon and help people let go of strongholds and pain. Spirit filled believers, just like the apostles with the power of the name of Yahusha can drive out demons and oppressions.

If we however don’t live and constantly pursue a clean life, pray, repent and develop a relationship with Jesus,  the flesh eaters will be back and will bring even more feasting friends.

An Unclean Spirit Returns Matthew: 12: 44-45
44Then it says, ‘I will return to the house I left.’ On its arrival, it finds the house vacant, swept clean and put in order. 45Then it goes and brings with it seven other spirits more evil than itself, and they go in and dwell there; and the final plight of that man is worse than the first.

When you are fearful, angry, bitter, ungrateful, depressed, lonely, unforgiving ; you’ve opened the door up to spiritual attacks.  Pain, raw emotion, open wounds and sinful living are like pounds of raw flesh being dumped in the dumpster, simply put these emotions and activities are a magnet for demonic warfare.

Witchcraft, sorcery and anything tied to the occult like psychics, tarot, new age, white/black magic, crystals and even dabbling in any pagan religions, the door is wide open. Even if you have a fascination with violent gaming, dark television shows, some music, horror movies, gothic clothes and so forth, this could be a gateway. We have to guard our ears and our eyes at all times. Satan plants seeds in many ways.

Can believers, worshippers, claimers of Jesus be attacked?  Most certainly, we are the enemy to Satan, and we can be weakened by these forces and our choices or even generational curses. We must always armor up and live right and repent often. Apathetically living in sin is lack of appreciation for the life given for yours. When we ask for forgiveness, we cannot keep living our own way. Hypocrisy is not an option. Refinement is a life long purposeful quest.  It would be terrible if we are one of the ones he says…” Get away I never knew you.”

Demons can attack us through sickness and disease. Another way they attack is to bring on stress,   mental confusion and double-mindedness. They attack our finances and relationships. They whisper and speak lies, sparking strife and keep the fuel to fires on all our insecurities and hang-ups.  They tell us that we are rejects, abandoned, forgotten.  They tell us that Jesus could never love us or forgive us.  All lies. The enemy is the Father of Lies and his attacks come in many forms and fashions.

Our job is to make sure we have eliminated all legal rights the enemy has to attack as much as possible. Then, daily we must pray a powerful righteous prayer of protection that the heavens will uphold.   Humble, obedient children are heard and protected.

 The enemy knows that if a  true backslider dies, they will be their delight in the afterlife. I do not believe in once saved always saved. We have always been given a choice, who do we  live for Jesus? Or Satan?Whose voice do we obey? Jesus or Beliar ( Satan)?

Yes, a spirit filled believers can help you drive the demons out using the name of Yahusha ( Jesus). We as believers are called to help people by driving out demons , laying hands on the sick and sharing the gospel.   That is not for the book of Acts, Folks…That’s today. These signs will follow those who believe. Believers have a job to do. . We can’t overlook what we are called to do in our bibles. It’s our duty to help free people so they can serve the kingdom.

Once someone is delivered from the enemy,  a rebirth should occur. You should feel different. You should see changes in thoughts and actions.  You will notice that you are more humble, kinder, gentle. You are calmer and more light in spirit.  Repenting is the first step. Taking care of demons is another thing. Being Baptized through immersion is another. Then, having spirit filled believers lay hands on you to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Without the power of the Holy Spirit, it’s impossible to sustain a life of Light.

A few signs of demonic oppression or have demonization? ( not always but often)

  • Addictions and any kind of compulsive behavior or hobbies- unable to control or obsessed.
  • Perverted appetites or desires or actions.
  • Up and down emotions- moodiness, anxious, paranoid thoughts, delusional, lack of concentration or focus.
  • Anger, Bitterness, unforgiveness, blaming, victim mentality, not letting go of past.
  • Lack of self control with tongue. ( or any area)
  • Sleep problems, nightmares, restlessness, nervousness, unable to sit still or stop back/forth thoughts,
  • Negativity, gossiping or talking bad about others.
  • Hoarding, uncleanliness-bad hygiene
  • Lack of energy, tired, apathy and always feeling sick, lingering element.
  • Lack of eye contact with believers especially, shiftiness

Our goals : Peace, Trusting, Patience, Joy, Good Nights Sleep, Balance in Life, Forgiving Everyone, Loving all people, Energized, Positive, Organized….Close to Jesus- truly in-tuned- Freedom in HIM!

What should we do:

  1. If you suspect or feel any oppression, have a prayer session with a spirit filled believer or believers.
  2. Write down all your sins: Past and present that you can think of. Pray out to Father forgiveness in his son’s name and ask him to command the demons to leave you alone at once. You must repent and close all legal rights the enemy has to mess with you. I’ve personally seen deliverance only taken place after someone admits their shortcomings and acknowledges how much they need Jesus to save them.
  3. Forgive everyone whoever hurt you. Out-loud to Father. Pray it until you mean it.
  4. Stop Sinning. Get involved in church, week day bible study, read bible daily, pray several times a day always asking for protection from enemy. Surround yourself with light and other children of light.
  5. Capture every thought and make it holy. Stinking Thinking brings on bad. So declare and decree good over yourself and everyone. Pray for those that hurt you. Refuse to let the enemy use your words to activate hate or curses. Your mind is a battlefield- get it under Jesus’s control NOW!

Our faithful actions and righteous living and love for Yahusha can stop and disengage the enemy. Sometimes we can’t do this alone. If you want a private healing prayer session, to shut the doors that has given enemy access, email me. 

One more thought: Sometimes in life we are actually the crows. We go into our past and dumpster dive all that past pain and bring it out to the surface again. This too will bring on demonic influence. There is no good on pulling out all the old junk and reliving the pain. Jesus can heal that pain. Don’t go there. Just pray to Him to help you heal and visualize Him with you at that point in your life…getting you through, supporting you, protecting you….

All of our past pains, trauma and the love of Jesus can be used for his kingdom. There is nothing like a powerful testimonial….” I was lost but now I’m found….” and you can be too!

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